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Experience premium quality with the most unique Nappa leather wallet on the market. Choose your favorite icons from our selection, customize an icon, or use your own ball markers, either way, your wallet is going to be iconic!

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Why Icon?

Unique, Sleek, Modern, RFID Protected

  • So soft

    “I really love how soft the leather is. It feels and smells like quality.” – John S.

  • RFID protection is essential

    "The wallet is great. I love that it's RFID protected and that I can change out the icon” – Logan B.

  • Exceeds all expectations

    “Truly premium quality, I was blown away as soon as I felt it for the first time.” – Andy G.

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Our icons are thoughtfully designed to seamlessly complement your wallet, creating a harmonious blend of aesthetics. With quality in mind, each icon is crafted to enhance the overall appeal of your wallet, while adding a touch of sophistication to your everyday carry.

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About us

We are Mike and Logan Mitchell, father and son co-founders of Icon Wallets. We started with the simple idea to make a wallet that is slim, high quality, and unique. We started doing research and learning as much as we can about the wallet industry. What we found was shocking! So many companies are selling the same basic-designed wallet with low-quality leather and just branding it as their own. We knew we could do better.

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Unrivaled Warranty

Top Tier Warranty for a Lifetime of Confidence:

  • 120 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee
  • Unlimited Replacements if wallet ages or is damaged, just $40 each

Invest in quality with the peace of mind that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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